Alpecin has selected football Player Kim Minjae as its first brand model in Korea

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Alpecin, a German cosmeceutical company with over 100-years heritage, has announced that it has selected football player Kim Minjae as its first brand model in Korea and will launch a new brand campaign with unprecedented scale.

Alpecin has shared that the brand has chosen Kim Minjae as brand model as his confidence, coming from unmet tenacity and continuous self-challenges, as a world-class football player well matches Alpecin brand’s core value, which lies in providing bold solutions for men’s hair care concerns for a long time. With Kim Minjae as brand model, Alpecin looks forward to strengthen brand’s touchpoints with Korean male consumers and to convey brands’ value as ‘the-brand-for-me’ to unlock hair care needs.

Along with the new brand model selection, Alpecin will also launch a new brand campaign with key tagline ‘Defense for your hair’, starting from 15th of May. Through the campaign, Alpecin will genuinely deliver its differentiated brand and product identity which adds vitality to the scalp and hair with its unique ingredient, caffeine complex.

Alpecin’s hero product, “Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo C1,” is a specialized product for men’s scalp and hair care, and it is a steady seller beloved by consumers all over the world. With daily usage, Alpecin’s caffeine complex, containing caffeine, zinc, and niacin, strengthens hair. “Alpecin Caffeine Liquid,” which can be conveniently used anywhere at anytime, is a scalp specialized tonic that does not need to be rinsed off and cares for sensitive scalp and weakened hair, creating a rich styling effect when used together with Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo.

“We believe that Kim Minjae, who is a world-renowned football player, well-known for his passion and tenacity, can represent Alpecin’s brand philosophy and confidence as a brand that has been presenting solution for men’s hair concerns for a long time.” Said Alpecin brand representative. They added, “Hope Korean consumers look forward to various marketing activities that Alpecin will carry out with Kim Minjae in Korea moving forward.”

Meanwhile, Alpecin will unveil a new campaign ad featuring Kim Minjae on various on/offline touchpoints, including TV, brand social platforms, digital platforms, and OOH from 15th of May.