Dr. Wolff informs with platform “NervtDichDeinSchwitzen.de” about illness hyperhidrosis

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Sweating. A vital process, but when people feel they sweat too much, it becomes a burden. Most of all for those who suffer from so-called primary hyperhidrosis – a condition that is characterised by excessively sweating for no apparent reason. The heavy sweat production often significantly affects the emotional and mental health of those affected.

It is assumed that around 5 percent[1] of the German population suffer from this chronic disease. However, the number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher, as many of those affected suffer silently and do not talk about their condition – neither to confidants nor to a doctor. It often takes several years before people affected reach out for help. Dr. Wolff, a pharmaceutical company based in Bielefeld, Germany, wants to lower exactly this inhibition threshold – with a new online service:

Disease awareness website aims to bring illness out of niche

To raise awareness of hyperhidrosis among the general public Dr. Wolff launched a digital information platform succinctly named nervtdichdeinschwitzen.de (= does your sweating annoy you). The main concern of the site is to provide detailed and interesting information about this comparatively unknown illness.

The initiative pursues the self-declared goal of making a broad public aware of the clinical picture and to simplify the communication between doctor and patient. The site encourages users to consult a trusted physician and discuss their symptoms. Site users can do an initial symptom check and get a first estimate on whether their sweating could be pathological. Furthermore, they may search online for a physician via our online service page. NervtDichDeinSchwitzen.de offers various offline and online options to search for a physician and to lower the inhibition threshold to get in contact. 

Plea: “Go see a doctor you trust and get help”.

“We want knowledge about the illness to increase, for hyperhidrosis to become a topic of conversation, and for those affected to lose their fear and seek help,” explains Eduard R. Dörrenberg, managing partner of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Dr. Wolff. Because the good news is: pathological sweating is usually treatable, the psychological strain can be reduced and the quality of life improved. However, people affected need to see a physician they trust in. Many people do not know that sweating may in some cases be pathological – after all, to a certain extent it is a normal and vital bodily function. PD Dr. Christoph Schick, founder of the German Hyperhidrosis Center in Munich says: “If you are affected by hyperhidrosis, I strongly recommend: Do something about it! The sooner you do something, the longer you well benefit from the treatment effect.”

About hyperhidrosis

Approximately 5 % of people worldwide suffer from permanent excessive sweating without an identifiable cause, so-called “primary hyperhidrosis”. This chronic disease is a great burden for patients and severely limits their quality of life. Primary hyperhidrosis ranges in severity from mild wetness to heavy dripping and can lead to a significant impact on quality of life. This may significantly affect work, social relationships, physical and leisure activities, as well as emotional and mental health. Patients with primary axillary hyperhidrosis suffer from excessive sweat production in the armpits beyond the amount required to regulate normal body temperature.

About Dr. Wolff

Dr. Wolff – since 1905, the name has stood for research that solves people’s skin-, hair-, and dental problems with innovative active ingredients. We focus our effort on scientifically proven benefits of the products. Since the company was founded, Dr. Wolff has maintained close cooperation with renowned scientists. From the first branded product, Hämatopan, to today’s internationally available products, in-house research provides the basis for innovative active ingredients and product developments. The company is managed by the fourth generation of the family and is growing with 780 employees worldwide. Dr. Wolff operates in 62 countries. For more information, please go to: Dr. Wolff Group

Press Contact Dr. Wolff-Group

Marcel Klöpping          Phone: +49 (0) 521 8808-243

E-mail: pr@drwolffgroup.com

[1] Doolittle J, et al., Arch Dermatol Res 2016; 308(10): 743-749.

Asia-Pacific Conference in Singapore Meets World’s Biggest Shopping Event “Singles Day“

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Despite the pandemic and the lockdown, Bielefeld-based family company Dr. Wolff sees great potential in the Asian market and is consistently expanding its commitment there. Its participation in the 17th Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business from 13 to 14 November underscores this intention.

“It is finally possible again to be at the Asia-Pacific Conference this year and I sense the great mutual interest in further cooperation between the entire ASEAN region and Germany. It became clear that deglobalization is not an option for anyone, and that the entire world has an interest in good cooperation between the two great powers, America and China: Diversification remains important, as does the Chinese market. This is also proven by our success on Singles Day, which is not only held in China, but also in the entire ASEAN region”, says Eduard R. Dörrenberg, managing partner of Dr. Wolff Group.

This year, for the sixth time, the shopping event plays a weighty role in the Asian business of the Bielefeld-based shampoo manufacturer. The first figures on the Chinese platform Tmall from the previous weekend indicate a year-on-year increase in sales of around 40 percent in China alone (approx. 500,000.00 euros in daily sales). Other Chinese platforms are currently still being evaluated. Dr. Wolff significantly outperformed in the market, as the overall development of the Chinese market was less dynamic. “We keep believing in the Chinese market, we will continue to invest, and are convinced that companies need to be there. Also, because digital trends are emerging and talent is growing there,” said Dörrenberg.

Singles Day is increasingly gaining importance in Southeast Asia. Dr. Wolff participates the online shopping festival not only in China, but also in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and, for the first time, in Vietnam. The team in the city-state of Singapore shipped over 1,000 parcels via its own fulfillment structure on Friday alone. The team generated around 70,000.00 euros in daily sales in Southeast Asia.

As an entrepreneur with several locations in Asia, Dörrenberg is convinced that further growth and globalization are necessary and significant in order to be able to counter crises and risks in the future. “Overall, we see more opportunities than risks and will continue on this path,” says Dörrenberg, who himself lived in Singapore for four years. The first branch office in Asia was also established there in 2013, which turned out to be the right decision. As the conference clearly showed, Singapore is booming and increasingly becoming a hub for Asia, in line with the motto of the designated new Singaporean prime minister, who said at the conference “Good things can start in Singapore”.

Therefore, Dr. Wolff continues to look optimistically to the future and is already working on further steps in North and Southeast Asia.