Successfully combating chalky teeth, grey hair, and vaginal infections – Dr. Wolff Group increases sales to over 390 million euros in 2023

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The toothpaste brand KAREX, addressing the growing issue of molar incisor hypomineralization, particularly in children, the innovative ALPECIN Grey Attack shampoo for gradually darker hair and younger appearance, as well as the gynecological VAGISAN range for a healthier intimate area, all achieved double-digit growth.

In total, the Bielefeld-based Dr. Wolff Group achieved a preliminary annual revenue of 390.6 million euros in the fiscal year 2023. The company thus exceeded the previous year’s sales of 363.8 million euros and continued its long-term growth.

Eduard R. Dörrenberg, managing partner of the Dr. Wolff Group, commented on the results: “Thanks to our unique, highly effective products and innovations, we were able to successfully distinguish ourselves from the general trend in 2023, even though the world has been in a constant crisis mode for almost four years. The framework conditions, especially in terms of costs, the ever-increasing bureaucracy, and European overregulation, continue to make entrepreneurial activities more challenging.”

With a growth of 7.5 percent over the previous year, the Dr. Wolff Group demonstrates that it is successfully mastering current challenges, taking opportunities, and thus further strengthening its position in the market. The men’s shampoo ALPECIN Grey Attack became the most successful product launch in drugstores in 2023 and was also an online bestseller. In addition, other problem-solving products have convinced consumers, such as the KAREX toothpaste with BioHAP instead of fluoride for modern caries protection and against chalky teeth, LINOLA Duo as an anti-inflammatory and itch-relieving cream, and the gynecological preparation VAGISAN Lactic Acid against vaginal infections.

The Dr. Wolff Group remains true to its commitment to create products that improve the quality of life through continuous research and development. With a very well-filled pipeline of new health and care products, the company continues to look optimistically towards the coming year.

“Our glass at Dr. Wolff is certainly half full, but overall, I am only cautiously optimistic, as necessary changes are unfortunately only being discussed. I would like to see less ideology and more scientific facts and realism in both debates and implementation. The major issues of education, infrastructure, and integration must finally be tackled with courage. Dr. Wolff Group will definitely face the challenges, implement the necessary changes, and also continue to drive internationalization,” says Dörrenberg.

Further details on the fiscal year 2023 will be announced by the Dr. Wolff Group at its annual press conference in a few weeks.