First anticholinergic cream against heavy underarm sweating currently approved in 11 European countries

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In the future, a new therapy option will be available for patients with severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis in various European countries: After the Swedish reference authority recommended the approval of the topical medication for severe sweating in the armpits, the feedback from the individual countries is now being received.

Eleven countries have so far granted marketing authorisation for the topical cream containing 1% glycopyrronium bromide (brand name Axhidrox). The gradual market launch of the product in the respective countries is in preparation.

1. Denmark: Axhidrox 2.2 mg/dose cream (11.04.2022)
2. latvia: Axhidrox 2.2 mg/dozējumā krēms (19.04.2022)
3. Austria: Axhidrox 2.2 mg/pump stroke cream (21.04.2022).
4. Sweden: Axhidrox 2.2 mg/pumpning kräm (22.04.2022).
5. Estonia: Axhidrox 8 mg/g kreem (09.05.2022)
6. Finland: Axhidrox 2.2 mg/pumpun käyttökerta emulsiovoide (13.05.2022)
7. Croatia: Axhidrox 2.2 mg po potisku krema (13.05.2022)
8. Germany: Axhidrox 2,2 mg/Hub Creme (01.06.2022)
9. The Netherlands: Axhidrox 8 mg/g, Crème (14.06.2022)
10. Norway: Axhidrox 2,2 mg/pumpetrykk krem (11.08.2022)
11. LithuaniaAkshidroz 8 mg/g kremas (25.08.2022)

About glycopyrronium bromide

Glycopyrronium bromide (INN name, abbreviation GPB) or glycopyrrolate (USAN name) is a well-known anticholinergic drug substance approved in several products marketed in the EU and the USA for various diseases in children and adults. GPB blocks the action of acetylcholine at muscarinic acetylcholine receptors, which are responsible for sweat gland activation, among other things.

About hyperhidrosis

Approximately 5 % of people worldwide suffer from permanent excessive sweating without an identifiable cause, so-called “primary hyperhidrosis”. This chronic disease is a great burden for patients and severely limits their quality of life. Primary hyperhidrosis ranges in severity from mild wetness to heavy dripping and can lead to a significant impact on quality of life. This may significantly affect work, social relationships, physical and leisure activities, as well as emotional and mental health. Patients with primary axillary hyperhidrosis suffer from excessive sweat production in the armpits beyond the amount required to regulate normal body temperature.

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