First medical anti-COVID-19 mouth and throat wash with laboratory and clinical data

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– Linola® sept mouth and throat wash inactivates corona virus
– Results confirmed in patients

Based on their know-how in the field of oral hygiene, Dr. Wolff presents with Linola® sept mouth and throat wash for the first time a product, which has been confirmed in its effectiveness against the virus in several laboratory and additional clinical test results. Since March 2020, Dr. Wolff researchers have been examining laboratory and clinical data on physical corona protection through medical mouth and throat cleansing with Linola® sept mouth and throat wash.

The evaluation of the studies showed a significant decrease in viral load (90 %) after use. According to the results, not only does an existing viral load decrease, but also the risk of transmitting the viruses. The data collected indicate a success with “exceptionally high significance“, says Prof. Dr. Holger Sudhoff, head physician of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at Bielefeld hospital, and confirms: “This mouth and throat wash is different.” It is thus more tolerable because it is based neither on biocidal nor alcoholic active ingredients, but on mineral ones. Since it is about the physical masking (blocking) of corona viruses, it can be assumed that the new Linola® sept mouth and wash is effective for all mutations, regardless of the degree of mutation. Further clinical studies with the patent-pending formulation are to follow as soon as possible.

Doctors and politicians already rely on mouthwashes, but clinical data had not been available until now. Linola® sept mouth and throat wash is the first formulation with data collected in vitro and in vivo.

“It is not our intention to replace vaccination. However, as long as it is not implemented systematically and available for everyone, Linola® sept mouth and throat wash adds a very good building block to protective measures. Thus, social distancing, hygiene and room ventilation rules remain the same in first place, but are complemented by rinsing mouth and throat”, says Eduard R. Dörrenberg, managing partner of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Dr. Wolff. This mouth and throat wash is suitable wherever special protection is needed: In addition to medical personnel, it is also suitable for visitors to old people’s homes, teachers and, because it is alcohol-free, especially for schoolchildren.

Experts advise medical cleaning of mouth and throat

When speaking, coughing, laughing or singing, viruses spread in the air via aerosols and can thus be transmitted. Germany’s health minister Jens Spahn and specialist in hygiene Klaus-Dieter Zastrow also told the media that they attach great importance to mouth and throat rinsing.

Linola® sept mouth and throat wash contains surface-active substances. They attach themselves to the surface of the virus and prevent it from penetrating the host cell in the oral mucosa.

Corona viruses are inactivated in mouth and throat. In addition, rinsing and subsequent spitting out significantly reduces the viral load in the mouth area in a physical way, thus reducing transmission risks.

Easy to use:

Linola® sept mouth and throat wash is easy to dispense thanks to its dosage cap: Simply fill in 10–20 ml of the mouth and throat wash, wash the mouth with it for about 60 seconds and gargle too, so that it also reaches the throat. Then spit the rinse out. Experts advise using the product two to three times a day. It is particularly recommended to use it after social contacts. Linola® sept mouth and throat wash is also suitable for children overthe age of six, as it is alcohol-free.

Linola® sept mouth and throat wash

375 ml, RRP 11.47 euros, available from January 11

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